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New Arrivals

Checkout out the latest release of Basic Tees, new and improved with four openings!


Eight shirts arranged on table in black, olive, grey, blue, white, red, mustard, and green.

Basic Tee 8-Pack

Get the full lineup of our Basic Tees. Have a fresh shirt all week, and an extra for laundry day.

8 colors


Front of plain black t-shirt.

Basic Tee

Look like a visionary CEO and wear the same black t-shirt every day.



Front of plain white t-shirt.

Kinda white Basic Tee

It's probably, like, 5000 Kelvin instead of 6000 K.



Front of plain dark gray t-shirt.

Stone Basic Tee

White tees stain easily, and black tees fade. This is going to be gray for a while.



Three shirts arranged on table in mustard, dark gray, and olive.

Full Basic Tee 3-Pack

Who need stark minimalism when you could have earth tones? Embrace the season.



Three shirts in gray, white, and blue arranged on table with same line drawing of hands and shapes overlapping on front of shirt.

Linework Artwork Tee 3-Pack

Get all 3 colors of our popular Linework design and some variety to your monotonous life.

3 colors